Workflow Max

“ I was actually looking for an app specialized with job costing then found this app might be the one for me. I can track my time by entering them into different projects I created and print them out / export timesheets to bill them over to my clients.”

Workflowmax is a job management software designed for businesses to make their processes easier and flow in a smooth motion. It has quotes, where you can make proposals on the project that you’re about to do. Once approved, you can gather your team for the project to get started.

Since Workflowmax works in the cloud, members of the team can work on different locations, making them work as a cohesive unit. Once the project is complete, all work information will be assembled into one invoice.

What would you love about it?

With Workflowmax, you can identify how much cost you charge your customers every time you do services for them. Workflowmax also has timesheet features which tracks hours on the task being completed.


Workflowmax has a much detailed interface and not only that, owners can customize setup base on how they wanted it to look like.

It would be very helpful for business in terms of categorizing tasks for projects. Not only it provide a good breakdown of the tasks per team, it also provides tracking for both the person assigned to the tasks and the number of hours he’s working on it.

Best Recommended for

A software like WorkflowMax is ideal for service and project related businesses, especially for teams wanting a software which will help them to furnish projects in an efficient manner.

Workflowmax Integration with Xero

To connect Workflowmax with Xero, go to Admin tab then choose Xero. Click Connect to Xero button, then log into your Xero account. Select which organization you would like to connect your Workflowmax account with.

Once you integrate, you can create quotes that can be sent directly to the client, manage time of your employees with its time tracking feature, and create purchase orders for materials on the go. Once the job is finished, all of these will be included in your invoice. All the sales invoices that you create will push into Xero. Payments also will reflect in your Workflowmax account. Export your invoices from Workflowmax and it will also push to Xero.

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