Vend is a cool ecommerce software that is very easy to use. It has Point of Sale and Inventory in the mix, so you can do business everywhere. You can take it with you, especially if you’re planning to track your business, on different locations. Vend is the system which can help bring good performance to your business. Imagine a POS system that is very quick and at the same time , is efficient.


It also has an inventory tool, where you can track the products in your inventory that is being sold. Another good thing about this is its ability to track inventory for multiple locations. You want to monitor inventory for 1-3 locations? Vend is the answer to your problem!

Best Recommended for

Vend is perfect for restaurants and stores which has a limited number of products. Having a software like this can provide thorough monitoring on materials. This is also well recommended for stores which has many locations, and wants to handle multiple inventories.

Vend Integration with Xero

This is a very simple set up. Once you’ve authorized Xero to be integrated to Vend, you may start mapping the accounts. You can map sales, purchases, refunds and discount accounts as well as rounding errors and discrepancies.  You should also choose the payment type where it should be recorded. You can either put it in a clearing or a bank account.  Tax rates should also be set up.  It is recommended that you send invoice as approved so you will be able to take a payment against the sale. You may also import customer and supplier details from Xero to Vend.

“Vend is user friendly and has all the features you need for a POS. Generate accurate sales and purchases reports because all data is in one system. Reconciling cash deposits in Xero makes it effortless because of Vend’s integration. You’re sure your inventory is always up to date because inventory is updated when you make a refund or sale. Vend is compatible with most types of businesses.

—   Alan H”