“Managing stocks in my warehouse is a bit difficult especially if a business is expanding and is getting bigger. Good thing there’s Unleashed to help me with all my inventory and sales related processes. Managing my suppliers, sales and purchases are easy now because of Unleashed.”

Unleashed is a powerful inventory management solution for businesses with stock components, and is a great tool for retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, wholesalers and distributors. It also blends well with efficient accounting software like Xero.

Revolution for Inventory

Unleashed is a revolutionary inventory management system which can help you manage almost everything you need for your business like purchases, suppliers and other sales or inventory related tasks.

With Unleashed, you can organize stocks even without the help of spreadsheets, and track them even in multiple locations. It’s very easy to use, since everything is pushed in one “compact” system, and it has very accurate profit reporting and great inventory control. With real time results, surely you can make the best of decisions for your business.

Unleashed Mobile Sales App

Unleashed has a mobile sales app where you can make sales directly from your mobile phone. It also can help you on identifying relevant information in your inventory that you need for your sales transactions in real time. Unleashed Mobile Sales App is free to download at the Apple Store.

Integration with Xero

To integrate Unleashed with Xero, Go to Settings in your Unleashed account and look for Xero integration. Click “Connect” in Connect to Xero option to start the integration, then enter your Xero account details for authorization. Once your Unleashed system is integrated with Xero, it can send the necessary information needed to your Xero account like customers and suppliers, sales, purchases, credits, stock journals and returns.