“Looking after my inventory was never so easy, but thanks to Stitchlabs, now I can monitor sales activity that’s happening to any branches of my store in minutes, and in real time! It also helps me in generating performance reports, and gives me the clearest scenarios for decision making.”

Stitchlabs is an efficient inventory management software which specializes in handling inventory and multi-channel selling. This system is mostly recommended for businesses which needs systematic monitoring of inventory as they expand. This can also be integrated with Xero accounting software.

Handling Inventory with Ease

For a growing business, one of the best tools to have is a centralized system which can maximize the way you handle portions of your business, especially inventory. Simplify the way you handle business with Stitchlabs, the smartest way of managing inventory and multi-channel selling.

A Centralized Inventory and Multi-Selling Platform

Stitchlabs helps you manage your store even if you’re in different branches with its multi-channel selling and inventory management system to track your store items in one central channel.

This software also has a reporting section, in which you can generate up to 30+ reports which contains detailed visualization of your business and can help you identify the top selling products in your inventory. Stitchlabs provides real time results as it shows you up to date sales data.

Stitchlabs Integration with Xero

Stitchlabs automatically syncs your inventory’s financial data, inventory orders, and sales from online platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify directly to Xero accounting software. It can also push inventory asset information to Xero, so that you can have an overall view on the status of your inventory from different places, for easier reporting and decision making.