Spotlight Reporting

“In reporting, it has always been a challenge of how to bridge the gap with your clients. Spotlight helped us translate numbers into a more meaningful presentation through graphs and trends, shedding light down to the smallest detail. Finally, we engage clients in meetings where the focus is on strategies other than maintaining the profit margin at a certain level.”

Spotlight lets business owners collaborate with clients in real time. With easy access to reports, and easy to understand financial information, business owners can communicate with clients anywhere, and enhance their relationship.


With a click of a button, you can give your clients a great visualization of what’s happening to the business. Spotlight also provides an in depth analysis to financial information. Business owners can identify what’s hot and what’s not in the market, and know what improvements must be implemented to further strengthen the business. Not only that, you can do easy import from accounting software like Xero and even offline spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

Customisable Reports

Spotlight provides reports which you can customize the way you want it. You can actually set up a report in just minutes allowing you to focus on other priorities. With Spotlight reporting not only reports are customisable, but they sure also are accurate.


Spotlight can do forecasting on Cash-flow as well as Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss. Companies surely will love this product since it will give them a way to do better decision making and projecting the ins and outs for their businesses.

Spotlight integration with Xero

You can try to import the actual and budget data from Xero. Select the dates for the data that you want to be imported. Take note that if there is a locked date in Xero, there will be no data imported to Spotlight.