Receipt Bank

“Keeping all my receipts is a very hard chore for me. Sometimes I even lost copies of it, I have to search from my receipt organizer from time to time. Good thing there is Receipt Bank, as it helps me to manage all my receipts in one platform and create expense reports for my business.”

Receipt Bank is a software built to track purchase receipts and managing all of them in one organized system to help you monitor and include those expenses to reports. Receipt Bank can also be integrated with accounting software like Xero.

A Fantastic Way on Keeping Receipts

Truly, tracking down receipts from purchases is one of the biggest hassles in operating a business. This procedure includes almost every tasks like keeping small receipts, organizing them into files and recording each one of them to your computer. Even though it takes a lot of time, we understand that it should always be done since monitoring of every expenses is a big responsibility. That’s why Receipt Bank is here: To help you solve all those expense tracking dilemmas.

Setting Up Receipt Bank Account

In setting up your receipt bank mobile app, you can search receipt bank in either App Store or Google Play Store. Download the app and start setting up your account.

You should first add your bank or expense account as well as clients and others you have transactions with, then you can already start adding transaction receipts through email or even to your mobile. Receipt Bank helps you on recording receipts without the manual interference, and with the exact detail that you need.

Receipt Bank Integration with Xero

Receipt Bank extracts all important information and publishes the data directly to Xero. With Xero and Receipt Bank working together with your data, you can create expense reports in a breeze.