“Managing a real estate business involves lots of money if you would think of it. It’s good that I have Re-leased at my side. I can track activities and progress in my real estate transactions and creating invoices is cool, especially with Xero!”

Released is a cloud-based property management software  that can help you utilize your property portfolio and lets you create better property returns. It’s built for all types of real estate and works with both residential and commercial properties. It can also be integrated with Xero accounting software.

Cloud-Based Real Estate Solutions

Are you still managing your real estate properties with the use of spreadsheets and word document applications? Then maybe it’s time that you switch off to cloud based applications like Re-leased to help you with your real estate business!

Re-leased lets you track property outgoings, and helps you create property based reports and budgets for your business. With Re-leased, you can generate reports and analytics will real time results, saving you time and money. Furthermore you can use Re-leased anytime, anywhere with it’s portable features.

Efficiently Designed Dashboard

Re-leased has a dashboard which lets you keep updated with your business. All tasks and reminders are there to notify you of upcoming real estate activities. It has a calendar where you can view events from your own account and other users, helping you to collaborate easily with your colleagues.

Integration with Xero

Re-leased can also be integrated with Xero accounting software. Create invoices for property in Re-leased , and push the results into Xero as it also tracks tenants for you and automate invoices for them. You can also use Xero in reconciliation of transactions and generating performance reports.