“As a full pledged sales representative, PandaDoc always helps me on creating sales documents on-the-go! All you need is there, from templates to formats. Creating documents truly became a hobby for me the time I started to use PandaDoc!”

PandaDoc is a great document automation software where you can easily create quotes, contracts and proposals for your clients. This can also act as a document builder and a workflow management tool. This also works well when integrated with accounting software like Xero.

The Hassles of Creating Documents

For sales or marketing-type jobs, creating documents for different transactions could always be a big hassle. I mean yes, you already have a desktop computer, you have word publishing and offline spreadsheet creator at hand, but the thought that counts in those documents are the ones which keeps you busy, and the more formatting and edits you do with your document, the more you spend money and wastes time on it, imagine at that moment you could have already closed a transaction.

Great thing there’s PandaDoc, which can help you in creating all those sales documents. With PandaDoc, automating your proposals, contracts and quotes can be done in no time!

How PandaDoc Works?

PandaDoc is a system which can give you access to templates of sales related and other business themed documents. It has it’s own library of manager-approved contents, and you can also merge your desired template with CRM data, so you’re surely able to create documents instantly.

Furthermore, PandaDoc also has a built -in workflow management system where you can automate approval processes, and also contains a built-in e-signature. With PandaDoc, not only you can create documents in a flash but you can also close transaction deals faster.

PandaDoc Integration with Xero

With PandaDoc integrated to Xero, you can link your document to your Xero invoice, and you can also  create invoices in Xero from PandaDoc.

All you have to do is go to PandaDoc, and look for settings then look for Xero. Start the integration by clicking “Connect Xero”.You also have to login with your Xero account, then confirm the integration by clicking “Authorize”.