“It’s fun doing business until you have to collect payments. Keeping a happy disposition while calling your clients for their outstanding balance is a challenge—the smile is at gravity’s mercy! We are so happy when InvoiceSherpa started doing the dirty work for us.”

InvoiceSherpa is a software which lets you collect payments where you want it, when you want it. You can follow up your clients on unpaid invoices using this application and notify your clients with invoice reminders. InvoiceSherpa helps you get paid in an easier yet efficient way.

A Great Way to Collect Payments

A successful business reflects to how much money circulates throughout the business. It always goes through a circle. Handling a business involves an inventory of products, how would you sell them? And how would you gain profit from them? It should be a perfect circle, where your assets, liabilities and equity are one in the same.

But what if your businesses’ perfect circle encounters a rough shot of customers not paying your invoices? I do know that many businesses experience things like these when they started it, and your business may lead to a precarious state if this perfect circle is broken.

Yes, one of the most difficult task of handling a small business is to collect payments from customers. But worry no more, because InvoiceSherpa is here.

Keep track of your invoices to be paid. Customize and send notes to remind your customers for unpaid invoices, and collect those payments through email. You can also contact your customers to notify them of outstanding invoices, and InvoiceSherpa integrates with accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks and many others.

Pricing Plans

InvoiceSherpa has 3 pricing plans: the sole proprietor, small business and enterprise (which is the largest). The small business is the most popular among the three pricing tiers, with 500 chased invoices, custom scripting and scheduling and payment and accounting software integration for $49 a month.

InvoiceSherpa integration with Xero

Once you set up your company file, it will ask you to connect your accounting software.  You just need to authorize the integration with Xero and that’s it!