“As an accounting firm, we have to access multiple accounts for multiple clients, download different documents, and file them to the proper folders. Imagine the hassle we go through and the time spent on clerical jobs—organizing is a gruesome task, I tell you! That’s when Hubdoc gave us the solution to have them all under one software doing all of these tasks as soon as the documents are available.  Clients also upload receipts and we save a lot of data entry time! Hubdoc is magic turned into reality!”

Securing and organizing every document is a challenge for business owners in terms of their statements and bills. There are times that it took them hours, or even days before they store different files to folders. Some are even having a hard time sorting out receipts which keeps piling up on their desk and organizing bills that just keeps coming and coming to their mailbox.

Hubdoc is a one of a kind software where you can store files like receipts, bills and statements. Bills and statements are being stored and organized in an efficient way. Put your files according to folders that you want, and sort them according to your desired functions.

Digitized Filing

Having missed some digital files? No sweat! There’s many ways on how you can have a copy of your statements and bills. Take a picture of your bills, or even scan them if you want to. Have those files digitally and Hubdoc does the next step for you, storing it in your folder, completing all your files.


Hubdoc runs through the cloud, the files are always easy to access. You’ll never have a hard time accessing them on different locations. You can look through them anytime, anywhere. Your documents will be stored in the cloud, so it’s a smooth sailing from there, you’ll never have security problems on your files.

No More Data Entry

Not only it pulls bills, and receipts as well as statements, Hubdoc also generates journal entry to Xero along with the attached document automatically. No need to do manual data entry anymore.

Hubdoc integration with Xero

On the dashboard or welcome page, click Connect to Xero button. Do the next few steps. To verify if integration was successful, there should be a green check mark beside Xero on the destinations tab.  If you want documents from Hubdoc to be sent to Xero files, just go back to the destinations tab and make sure to check ‘Push to Xero Files’.