“Before, it was very hard for me to organize everything whenever I do travel, especially for all the receipts that I have. Good thing that there is expensify at my side. Now, all I need to do is take a picture of my receipt and even i’m on the go, Expensify stores my receipt information and  it can even be connected with Xero.”

Expensify is a travel and expense application which allows you manage expense information whenever you travel. With Expensify, you can upload and generate receipts , as well as creating an expense reports which you can export and send to finance teams for approval.

We Knew It. Manual Entry Sucks!

Keeping receipts is a very hard tasks for some. There are times that receipts are even lost, the last thing left for you to do is to check all of your receipts one by one if it’s there. Not only that, after you looked and found your needed receipt, next step for you to do is to enter data on some offline spreadsheet for you to save the information, and believe sometimes it takes even hours for you to do that.

It sucks right? That’s why Expensify is here, saving you from all those unnecessary tasks.

End the Manual Struggle with Expensify

With Expensify, all you need is a smart scan to take a picture of your receipt. You can do it anytime, anywhere in your travel. No need for manually typing the needed information. After your trip, just simply add the last receipt you have and then you can already process expense reports that you can send for approval.

Integration with Xero

With Expensify, you can just simply generate your reports and export it to Xero for easy categorization and reconciliation. You don’t need to enter your data manually to multiple systems.

All you have to do is to choose and open up your policy in Expensify, then choose Connections in the sidebar. In the Connections page you  choose Xero by clicking on the radio button. Log in to Xero and authorize the integration between the two.