“Capsule is the perfect tool if you want all your contacts, tasks, conversation and analytics combined in one complete system.”

Capsule is a great online tool where you can manage all your customers as well as clients in one platform. It can be integrated with online applications like Twitter or Google apps like Gmail. It also performs well when integrated with Xero accounting software.

Get your Business “CRM Ready”

If you are looking for a system platform that can simply take care of your customers and tasks, then Capsule CRM is the one you need.  Capsule is designed to monitor conversations and activities of people and companies that you have business with.

With Capsule CRM, you can track your leads, social media activities, sales performance and this keeps you updated with upcoming tasks and opportunities in the pipeline, and since it’s working online, be assured that your data is safe and secured.

How Capsule CRM Works?

Having a new project with another company? Simply click the company name in the Gmail plugin and then you can see relevant information like social media updates, as well as conversations between you and the company where you can also edit details of the opportunity. Once saved, all information will show up in your dashboard, where you would see the sales pipeline, conversion rate and upcoming tasks.

Capsule CRM integrated with Xero

Once integrated with Xero accounting software, you can use Capsule to add customers and suppliers directly into Xero. All customer and supplier records syncs directly with each other, meaning that if  you changed information of your supplier in Capsule, it automatically changes in Xero.

Capsule also allows you to view the full summary of invoice information, as well as overdue amount inside Capsule CRM’s customer’s page.