is a business payment network which allows you to get rid of all those hassles when it comes to processing all those accounts payable and receivables. With, bills can be sent through email, making it more easier to approve and being processed.

Reliability and Affordability

Before, accounts payable are being processed manually, where bills are being mailed and routed before they’re approved and entered to spreadsheets. Not only it’s time consuming, but  it also wastes a lot of paper, making bill processing more difficult than usual. But thanks to, account payables today can be processed in an instant.

Easier Payments, Faster Transactions

Without a doubt, is one of the leading ACH payment processors as of late., automates accounts payable and receivable from the time you process it until it’s approved.

You can integrate it with several accounting applications and use it via mobile. Everyday, handling payments gets it more easier for companies to work well and move forward.

Direct Integration with Xero can be integrated directly to Xero. The bills that you will enter in Xero automatically syncs to You can assure that you’re on the right track as you create those bills. manages payment process and approval while it syncs to Xero. With that, you can easily reconcile your transactions in Xero.

The sync runs automatically once a day, if ever you need to sync it with Xero, you can trigger the integration manually.