“As a legal firm, one of our biggest problems is document management, we kept our files in shelves with folders, that sometimes it gets already confusing. But thanks to ActionStep, now we could create letters and other legal documents on the spot, and we can also make sure that we get paid according to our service.”

Actionstep is a superb legal practice management software which can be used by small and medium enterprises which does professional tasks. This is highly recommended for businesses like law firms in handling trust accounts, as well as creating and managing of documents.

A Platform Dedicated for Legal Firms

One of worst burdens in handling a law firm is the organization of files. From creating to storing of files according to different folders, sometimes it causes tight spaces to your own work space and it even cause confusion on what documents to pick. Good thing there’s  ActionStep, a one of a kind software with the ability of managing documents, billing and workflow in one platform.

Workflow and Document Management

ActionStep lets you create fantastic workflows which you can assign to your team members, that may help on increasing productivity to your workplace. This amazing software can also help you on creating letters or even contracts in a breeze, and store them in one system where you can easily search for files.

Get Paid on Time

Great legal services deserves to be paid timely. ActionStep lets you setup your billing schedule with fixed fee billing features, and make sure that all legal services will be paid according to your desired schedule.

Trust Accounting

ActionStep also has a cloud based trust accounting system with tools and reports which can help you manage funds of your clients.