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03 May


“Looking after my inventory was never so easy, but thanks to Stitchlabs, now I can monitor sales activity that’s happening to any branches of my store in minutes, and in real time! It also helps me in generating performance reports, and gives me the clearest scenarios for decision making.” Stitchlabs is an efficient inventory management software which specializes in handling inventory and multi-channel selling. This system is mostly recommended for businesses which needs systematic monitoring of inventory as they expand. This can also be integrated with Xero accounting software. Handling Inventory with Ease For a growing business, one of the [...]
03 May


“Managing stocks in my warehouse is a bit difficult especially if a business is expanding and is getting bigger. Good thing there’s Unleashed to help me with all my inventory and sales related processes. Managing my suppliers, sales and purchases are easy now because of Unleashed.” Unleashed is a powerful inventory management solution for businesses with stock components, and is a great tool for retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, wholesalers and distributors. It also blends well with efficient accounting software like Xero. Revolution for Inventory Unleashed is a revolutionary inventory management system which can help you manage almost everything you need for [...]