Category: Bills + Expenses

07 Jun


"As a legal firm, one of our biggest problems is document management, we kept our files in shelves with folders, that sometimes it gets already confusing. But thanks to ActionStep, now we could create letters and other legal documents on the spot, and we can also make sure that we get paid according to our service." Actionstep is a superb legal practice management software which can be used by small and medium enterprises which does professional tasks. This is highly recommended for businesses like law firms in handling trust accounts, as well as creating and managing of documents. A Platform [...]
31 May


"Before, it was very hard for me to organize everything whenever I do travel, especially for all the receipts that I have. Good thing that there is expensify at my side. Now, all I need to do is take a picture of my receipt and even i'm on the go, Expensify stores my receipt information and  it can even be connected with Xero." Expensify is a travel and expense application which allows you manage expense information whenever you travel. With Expensify, you can upload and generate receipts , as well as creating an expense reports which you can export and [...]
30 May


“As an accounting firm, we have to access multiple accounts for multiple clients, download different documents, and file them to the proper folders. Imagine the hassle we go through and the time spent on clerical jobs---organizing is a gruesome task, I tell you! That’s when Hubdoc gave us the solution to have them all under one software doing all of these tasks as soon as the documents are available.  Clients also upload receipts and we save a lot of data entry time! Hubdoc is magic turned into reality!” Securing and organizing every document is a challenge for business owners in [...]
03 May
bill-com is a business payment network which allows you to get rid of all those hassles when it comes to processing all those accounts payable and receivables. With, bills can be sent through email, making it more easier to approve and being processed. Reliability and Affordability Before, accounts payable are being processed manually, where bills are being mailed and routed before they’re approved and entered to spreadsheets. Not only it’s time consuming, but  it also wastes a lot of paper, making bill processing more difficult than usual. But thanks to, account payables today can be processed in an [...]
03 May

Receipt Bank

“Keeping all my receipts is a very hard chore for me. Sometimes I even lost copies of it, I have to search from my receipt organizer from time to time. Good thing there is Receipt Bank, as it helps me to manage all my receipts in one platform and create expense reports for my business.” Receipt Bank is a software built to track purchase receipts and managing all of them in one organized system to help you monitor and include those expenses to reports. Receipt Bank can also be integrated with accounting software like Xero. A Fantastic Way on Keeping [...]