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07 Jun


"As a legal firm, one of our biggest problems is document management, we kept our files in shelves with folders, that sometimes it gets already confusing. But thanks to ActionStep, now we could create letters and other legal documents on the spot, and we can also make sure that we get paid according to our service." Actionstep is a superb legal practice management software which can be used by small and medium enterprises which does professional tasks. This is highly recommended for businesses like law firms in handling trust accounts, as well as creating and managing of documents. A Platform [...]


“Managing a real estate business involves lots of money if you would think of it. It’s good that I have Re-leased at my side. I can track activities and progress in my real estate transactions and creating invoices is cool, especially with Xero!” Released is a cloud-based property management software  that can help you utilize your property portfolio and lets you create better property returns. It’s built for all types of real estate and works with both residential and commercial properties. It can also be integrated with Xero accounting software. Cloud-Based Real Estate Solutions Are you still managing your real [...]
03 Jun


“As a full pledged sales representative, PandaDoc always helps me on creating sales documents on-the-go! All you need is there, from templates to formats. Creating documents truly became a hobby for me the time I started to use PandaDoc!” PandaDoc is a great document automation software where you can easily create quotes, contracts and proposals for your clients. This can also act as a document builder and a workflow management tool. This also works well when integrated with accounting software like Xero. The Hassles of Creating Documents For sales or marketing-type jobs, creating documents for different transactions could always be [...]
31 May


Paypal is an awesome online payments system which helps you to easily shop online with just a click of a button. Not only it accepts major debit and credit cards, but Paypal also is the simplest and safest way for you to send and receive money online. Start Automating Payments Paying and sending money with Paypal is easy! You first need to have your Paypal account, then after that you can already link your debit and credit cards, or even bank accounts with your Paypal account and that's it! After they're securely linked with each other, you can now start [...]
31 May


"Before, it was very hard for me to organize everything whenever I do travel, especially for all the receipts that I have. Good thing that there is expensify at my side. Now, all I need to do is take a picture of my receipt and even i'm on the go, Expensify stores my receipt information and  it can even be connected with Xero." Expensify is a travel and expense application which allows you manage expense information whenever you travel. With Expensify, you can upload and generate receipts , as well as creating an expense reports which you can export and [...]
30 May


“As an accounting firm, we have to access multiple accounts for multiple clients, download different documents, and file them to the proper folders. Imagine the hassle we go through and the time spent on clerical jobs---organizing is a gruesome task, I tell you! That’s when Hubdoc gave us the solution to have them all under one software doing all of these tasks as soon as the documents are available.  Clients also upload receipts and we save a lot of data entry time! Hubdoc is magic turned into reality!” Securing and organizing every document is a challenge for business owners in [...]
30 May

Spotlight Reporting

“In reporting, it has always been a challenge of how to bridge the gap with your clients. Spotlight helped us translate numbers into a more meaningful presentation through graphs and trends, shedding light down to the smallest detail. Finally, we engage clients in meetings where the focus is on strategies other than maintaining the profit margin at a certain level.” Spotlight lets business owners collaborate with clients in real time. With easy access to reports, and easy to understand financial information, business owners can communicate with clients anywhere, and enhance their relationship. Reliability With a click of a button, you [...]
30 May


“It’s fun doing business until you have to collect payments. Keeping a happy disposition while calling your clients for their outstanding balance is a challenge---the smile is at gravity’s mercy! We are so happy when InvoiceSherpa started doing the dirty work for us.” InvoiceSherpa is a software which lets you collect payments where you want it, when you want it. You can follow up your clients on unpaid invoices using this application and notify your clients with invoice reminders. InvoiceSherpa helps you get paid in an easier yet efficient way. A Great Way to Collect Payments A successful business reflects [...]
03 May


“Looking after my inventory was never so easy, but thanks to Stitchlabs, now I can monitor sales activity that’s happening to any branches of my store in minutes, and in real time! It also helps me in generating performance reports, and gives me the clearest scenarios for decision making.” Stitchlabs is an efficient inventory management software which specializes in handling inventory and multi-channel selling. This system is mostly recommended for businesses which needs systematic monitoring of inventory as they expand. This can also be integrated with Xero accounting software. Handling Inventory with Ease For a growing business, one of the [...]
03 May


“Capsule is the perfect tool if you want all your contacts, tasks, conversation and analytics combined in one complete system.” Capsule is a great online tool where you can manage all your customers as well as clients in one platform. It can be integrated with online applications like Twitter or Google apps like Gmail. It also performs well when integrated with Xero accounting software. Get your Business “CRM Ready” If you are looking for a system platform that can simply take care of your customers and tasks, then Capsule CRM is the one you need.  Capsule is designed to monitor [...]