Xero Tax Touch – A New Experience Awaits

Xero Tax Touch – A New Experience Awaits

San Francisco, March 4, 2016 – Xero launches its newest addition to its line of accounting solutions. A first of it’s kind application, this is the beautiful accounting software’s fantastic offering to freelancers. Ladies and gentlemen, The Xero Tax Touch has arrived!


A Personal Touch

There are about 54 million freelancers in the U.S. From contracting to various in-demand marketplaces, this kind of business entity is slowly becoming a trend that revolutionizes the business industry. Xero knows how that feel for owners who encounter burden in taxes, especially for someone who does all the handiwork alone. That’s why they created something that will suit the needs of freelancers when it comes to handling expenses and tax dilemmas.

Improved U.I

One of the main focus of this product is to provide the best experience for users, that’s why they came up with this concept of having a mobile app that has improved interface then at the same time is user friendly. They also made sure that users will easily be familiarized on how the system works that’s why they patternized it to some of the famous mobile apps that existed.

Tap N’ Track

Xero Tax Touch is designed to track business expenses for freelancers like you. With Xero Tax Touch, you can automatically download transactions from financial institutions like banks and credit cards. Transactions will come through your mobile in real time. It also has a default category but you have the full power to change it.

You can also distinguish and organize the transactions whether you want it as personal or business. Simply swipe your mobile to the left if personal, then swipe right if it’s for business.

Prepare Your Schedule C

You can also manage all your expenses and you can even generate reports in an instant which will help you set your Schedule C information that will be useful for yearly tax return preparation.

With a price of $5.99 per month or $29.99 for the first year, not only you can prepare for your taxes fast and early, but you can also save time. There is also a free 3 month trial for you to enjoy all the features of this one of a kind app. Download Xero Tax Touch in the app store today and see the difference!