A Thriving Perspective : 6 Characteristics of Growth-Oriented Firms

A Thriving Perspective : 6 Characteristics of Growth-Oriented Firms

Over the years, from simple reconciliation, bookkeeping and calculation, the term “accounting” had truly evolved, with firms automating their working process, collaborating with clients in an interactive fashion, and so much more! Cloud technology helped several CPA firms to grow and move forward.



A Growing Visualization

According to a survey conducted by Bill.com, most firms who embraced this change is looking forward to a significant business growth for the next one to two years. We’ve prepared a special infographic which will explain the characteristics that some accounting and bookkeeping firms are becoming these days.


1. In-Demand Bookkeeping

Fast and Accurate

As many firms started to use cloud based applications, the more they perform pieces of work with speed and accuracy, the more they also finish tasks, enabling them to achieve new clients.

2. Multi Cloud Apps


There are many ways in which you can integrate various cloud apps with each other. You can actually combine the features to create a complete accounting solution. Once integrated, all results will reflect on both software that you’re using.

3. Tech Preferences


Whenever clients are experiencing problems with their books, the first thing they’d do is to seek advice from accounting firms. As of today, most clients of accounting firms knows how effective these apps work, and are seeing the effects that cloud technology is bringing at the table. Sometimes clients are putting their trust in firms on choosing what applications can be used for the business.

4. Flexible Pricing


Firms are also implementing various pricing tiers when it comes to services. Each price comes with an appropriate type of service rendered, and clients have the freedom to pick what kind of service the firm should provide.

5. Virtual Collaboration


Today’s accounting firms became a reliable source for help when it comes to monitoring books, since most cloud based applications have portability features which allows accountants and clients to work together in fluid motion, and it means clients and firms can examine their book anywhere, and any time they desire.

6. Billing for Clients


Financial management is one of the worst problems that firms had encountered especially during the time when cloud technology still wasn’t introduced to the world.

Imagine that burden of manually processing your client’s bills. With cloud technology, handling bills became an easy task to perform. With tasks done efficiently, accompanied with a much faster turnaround, clients can always put their trust to firms who uses cloud technology.