It’s Official : JuanTax Included in Xero’s Add-On Marketplace!

It’s Official : JuanTax Included in Xero’s Add-On Marketplace!

June 30, 2017, Friday — Xero officially adds JuanTax, the first ever Philippine based tax filing software to its list of partners in the app marketplace.


A Growing Family of Add-Ons

Consisting of over 500+ add-ons from various industries such as invoicing, payments, reporting and many others, the Xero app marketplace is the home to some of the best cloud apps for small businesses.

And with JuanTax’s latest addition to the roster of apps in the marketplace, the tax software promises to make tax filing easier for Xero users in the Philippines.

A New and Exciting Journey

In a recent statement by Marvin Galang, Chief Executive Officer for Ten Elleven Manila Inc. and founder of JuanTax, he said:

“It’s an exciting journey. From a ‘spur of the moment’ idea to using Ten Elleven as a test company and now, finally, a part of Xero’s app marketplace so thousands of small businesses in the Philippines can also experience easy and convenient tax preparation and filing.”

He also added:

“Building an app that could help thousands of SME’s in the Philippines is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for us. We understand the common struggles that most taxpayers are experiencing, and we want to lessen that burden. We love the partnership that we’re having with Xero, and we truly believe in their vision of empowering SME’s through the use of today’s technology. Having JuanTax added to Xero’s illustrious roster of apps is a testament to that partnership, and a great bonus for us.”


Next to Xero is Juan

JuanTax is a Xero add-on which is designed to help businesses in preparing and filing local taxes such as VAT, Percentage Tax, and Expanded Withholding Tax. The tax software can be easily integrated with Xero accounting software for easier generating of tax reports, as it syncs all data from Xero into JuanTax, allowing users to file taxes in an instant.

Visit JuanTax’s website to learn more on how it can help you on automating your taxes. You can also check out their profile page in the app marketplace and see the benefits once you integrate JuanTax with Xero.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this new innovation that will change the way you file and pay taxes! Sign up and Try JuanTax today!