JuanTax Launches Its Standalone Version

JuanTax Launches Its Standalone Version


October 11, 2017 – Wednesday — JuanTax, the first ever Philippine-based cloud tax software launched its newest standalone version which allows users to enter and import transactions, as well as contacts directly into JuanTax.

About JuanTax Standalone


Primarily, as an add-on for Xero accounting software, one of the essential functions of JuanTax is to push transactions from Xero directly into the tax software, which makes tax filing easier. With this integration, users can easily generate and file their tax reports within seconds.

But what if you want to use JuanTax but you don’t have an account with Xero or you’re using another accounting software? No worries, because the JuanTax standalone version is here!

With this new standalone feature, users now have the option to manually create or import CSV transactions for each tax report directly within JuanTax, without the need for tax mapping.

This was one of the most requested and eagerly anticipated feature for the tax software ever since its May 2017 launch.

Creation and Import

To create a new transaction, simply click on Create Transaction button and fill out the required fields.

As for importing of transactions, you need to click the Import Transaction button, then start importing your CSV file by following the steps in the setup wizard and that’s it!

Devise Your Contact List

Aside from creating transactions, the JuanTax Standalone version also allows users to manage their contact lists through the use of either data entry or CSV importing.


With the create via data entry option, you can start filling up your contact form by clicking the Create Contact button.

To start importing your contacts, download a contact template file and enter data on the following fields such as:

  • For Individual: FirstName, LastName, Address, City, Country, Postal, Area Code, Phone and TIN.
  • For Non-Individual: OrganizationName, Address, City, Country, Postal, Area Code, Phone and TIN.

Save your file as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) spreadsheet then simply import it to the Import Contacts section in JuanTax.

New Reports Available

Aside from the initial set of reports included in the Xero version, namely 2551M, 2550M, 1601E, 2550Q, 2307, 1604E, and 2306, we’ve added some reports for both Final Withholding and Income Tax Return in the Standalone version:

1. Final Withholding Tax

  • 1601-F – Monthly Remittance Return of Final Income Taxes Withheld

2. Income Tax Return (For Individuals)

  • 1701 – Annual Income Tax Return (For Self-Employed Individuals, Estates and Trusts)
  • 1701-Q – Quarterly Income Tax Return for Self-employed Individuals, Estates, and Trusts (Including Those with both Business and Compensation Income)

3. Income Tax Return (Non-Individual)

  • 1702-EX – Annual Income Tax Return for Use ONLY by Corporation, Partnership and Other Non-Individual Taxpayer EXEMPT under the Tax Code, as Amended, {Sec. 30 and those exempted in Sec. 27(C) and Other Special Laws, with NO Other Taxable Income
  • 1702-MX – Annual Income Tax Return for Corporation, Partnership and Other Non-Individual with MIXED Income Subject to Multiple Income Tax Rates or with Income Subject to SPECIAL/PREFERENTIAL RATE
  • 1702-RT – Annual Income Tax Return for Corporation, Partnership and Other Non-Individual Taxpayer Subject Only to REGULAR Income Tax Rate
  • 1702-Q – Quarterly Income Tax Return for Corporations, Partnerships and Other Non-Individual Taxpayers

Don’t miss the chance to experience this whole new innovation that will change the way you file and pay taxes! Sign up and try JuanTax today!