JuanTax as An Alternative to eBIR 7.1: A Definitive Review

JuanTax as An Alternative to eBIR 7.1: A Definitive Review

One of the worst headaches among business owners in the Philippines are their struggles in preparing and filing taxes. Probably, this is an issue that they might not want to talk about, due to its horrendous nature.


Despite the efforts shown by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in bringing a much digital approach to its tax filing system and ending the struggle of businesses in tax compliance, some of its critics were still not convinced, thinking that the government sector could do more on this matter.

One of those efforts that we’re talking about was the recent launch of their eBIRForms package, which is now on its 7.1 version. The difficulties of installing the application from one device to another and the manual entering of data in tax forms still brings taxpayers in a loop of misery, especially during tax season.

Which is why after JuanTax was launched in the market, it quickly captured the eyes of accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners in the Philippines — for it offers a much more wholistic and automated approach in filing one’s taxes.

But what exactly is JuanTax? How does it match or even surpass eBIRForms’ limits as per its features, and how it could benefit you in preparing and filing tax forms? Let’s find out.

What is JuanTax?

JuanTax is a Philippine based cloud tax software which is designed to help businesses when it comes to filing all local taxes such as VAT (Value Added Tax), Percentage Tax, Withholding Tax and Income Tax Returns.

Issues with eBIRForms 7.1

Last May of 2018, The Bureau of Internal Revenue released its upgraded version of eBIRForms Package. The 7.1 model of the tax filing system still has the same pros and cons much like its predecessor.

On a positive note, the eBIRForms Package 7.1 includes remittance forms such as 0619-E and 0619-F as well as the updated 1701Q form — for the downside however, most taxpayers were roasting the system’s inability of obtaining PDF copies of forms, its issues on installation and incompatibility (since it only works on windows OS) and the worst part, despite this so called “upgraded” version of the package, the process still requires you to manually enter everything within the system.

This is quite a bummer for taxpayers, especially to those in the accounting scene who are familiar with cloud applications that provides a much seamless and automated workaround for challenges such as accounting and taxes.

To get a full in-depth review of eBIRForms 7.1, visit this link.

What Makes JuanTax Special?

Here is a list of stunning features that sets apart JuanTax from other tax preparation software:

a. Automation – Not only does JuanTax minimizes your task of entering data, it also does auto calculation as well as populating of fields such as schedules, carryovers and amortizations.

b. It’s Running in the Cloud – since JuanTax runs with the use of the internet and cloud technology, you’d be confident that your data is automatically backed up, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

c. Flexibility – JuanTax comes in two versions: (1) Xero integrated version, which lets you automatically integrate your JuanTax account with Xero accounting software, and (2) Standalone, which allows you to use all the functionalities of JuanTax even if you’re using different accounting applications.

d. Transparency and Accuracy – With JuanTax’s automated calculation, rest assured that numbers in your tax returns are consistent and correct.

e. Security – Juan Tax’s hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security to its customers, and is supported by a world class network, data and physical security environment — along with multiple layers of encryption.

Aside from the fact that JuanTax runs on any computer systems and web platform, there’s also no need for you to download and install tax filing systems such as the eBIRForms package — All you have to do is to create or import transactions with your desired tax forms.

Spend less time in tax filing and focus more on building great relationships with your clients by using JuanTax. To learn more on how the accounting software can help you in filing and paying taxes, just visit their website at https://juan.tax/ and sign up for a free trial!