About Us

We Understand, We’re Here for You

Having a start-up business could bring mixed emotions to every aspiring entrepreneur. The feeling of thrill and excitement you have when you searched for a location or when you started buying supplies for the branch that you’re about to open and of course, the ones that you’re not-so-happy of, like managing payroll for employees, invoices and billing, taxes and other kinds of business processes.

Sometimes it would take you hours, or even days before you accomplish these chores, and we know that even if you have an in-house bookkeeper, it might still get hard, especially if you’re using excel files for organizing your financial data.

Here at Ten Elleven, we understand these accounting struggles that our startup clients are facing everyday, that’s why we are offering the best accounting solutions.


The Cloud and Xero: Making a Better Future for Startups

Ten Elleven uses Xero, a one of a kind state of the art accounting software designed to suit the needs of startups like you. Xero has all the fundamental aspects that you would need for your business.

Xero has has basic inventory for your supplies, invoicing and billing for your expenses and revenues, as well as payroll processing for your employees and so much more! You can also integrate your Xero account with other business apps available.

Furthermore, Xero is running with the use of cloud-based technology, so you would never have problems with accessibility and security. You’re assured that your financial data is secured because of the cloud’s extensive layers of encryption.

You can also take your business anywhere. All you need is a laptop or mobile device with internet connection and you’re all set!

With Ten Elleven and Xero, we will help you adapt with today’s technology and take your business to the next level. Let’s have fun doing business again! Contact Us today!